sexta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2009

To be nakie.

Ermmmmmmmm... I usualy work skyclad, I find it very comfortable, but that's me but it wasn't always like this, I didn't like my body, I actually hated it, in fact I felt that I was fat and ugly, I was pretty silly.

Skyclad, or ritual nudity, is a practice in Gardnerian and Alexandrian traditions, can still be found in other Wiccan paths. I find it normal and acceptable, tho other people may find it strange and intimidating, they probly think it's because we are orgy fans, which is not the case...

I find it easier to raise power within the circle while skyclad and it's like I was undress of myself and the thinks that people identify and see me with.
Outside the circle and dressed, I'm just Mafalda, of course I do my magick and stuff but it's my work.
Inside the circle and undressed, I'm much more than that, I am the witch, the mind and flesh of a witch, my magickal work is more intense.

Besides, I'm someone pure and real, unlike I may be in the daily life.
There I have no secrets, no bounds, no limits. I am myself at my full.

☽◯☾ Lady Crove

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