sexta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2009

Self-medication with herbs

In general, women are the ones more into learning and experiencing about the healing power of plants and it's properties. We trust in our body perceptions e in previous experiences and results. We tend to seek end for our suffering not in pills but with homemade remedies and leave the Mr. doctor to another time.
The must frequently used remedies, for coughing and sore throat, are hot milk with honey, mint and sage. For a fever, Small-leaved Lime and elderberry, are used.
If the self-medication worked and the symptoms dissapeared, good but in case it's all the same, going to the doctor is highly recommended. (But we're all aware of that, aren't we?)
Digestive problems, nervous system and kidneys usualy responde well to herb treatment. Besides, most plants have properties that can help against cancer and heart problems.
Tho, plants are not always the best way. In the majority of cases, even if they aren't the best way, they can always give a little help in terapy.

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