quarta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2009

Self-healing / Recovering Daily-life Spell

It's more of a self-improvement spell but I like wierd looking like and complicated names.
I recommend this for people that feel a little lost or drained of objectives.

I used:

- 3 Dried rosebuds;
- 1 box;
- 1 paper with my goals written down;
- 1 tea spoon of rosemary;

I had some dried roses that my mom gave me tru the last months - (I don't throw them away, I store them, because they have a little bit of my mother's love) - while my depression and bad things grown stronger. I've used them all.

I've tried a self-improvement spell some months ago and It didn't work because I was expecting it to help me, but forgot to help myself so I used the old paper that I had my goals written on and started to cast my newer spell.

It's a very simple one so I started to rip the roses to my soapstone box, petal by petal, while reading my goals, I keeped this until I ran out of petals. I've focused on white light caming out of the box and lifting my fears and bad feelings, right up, meanwhile I used my favorite herb, Rosemary, to sprinkle the petals and bless them and make those goals a total sucess.

I sealed the spell and the paper with my goals inside the box, drawn a pentacle on the top of the box and it's in my altar, resting.

☽◯☾ Lady Crove

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