quarta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2009

Spell for get rid of unwelcome feelings / Protection

Another spell that I made was to get rid of this depression, bad feelings towards others and toward myself and negativity in my life.

This took me a little more time and energy.

I used:
- Mortar and pestle
- 1 part of camille (for tranquility)
- 1 part of rosemary (for love)
- 1 part of st. John's Wort (for healing)
- 1 part of Sage (for pretection)
- Chalice
- Blessed water
- Cauldron
- 1 candle

I grind all the hearbs together while chanting, asking for help and healing, to my mind and body and to take this burden from my chest, cleansing myself. After that, I got all the herbs, and a dried red rose that I had peviously shoped, into the cauldron and lit the candle bellow it, like a real fire. Inside my chalice, I had my blessed (or charged) water, so I filled the cauldron with it and let it boil sligtly.
I've imagined smoke coming out of the cauldron, at first, it was black as night but while I started to get really focused, the smoke started turning white. I snuffed the candle and casted the cauldron aside. I asked to forget and forgive, to remember and be forgiven.

I took the cauldron outsid and my offerings. (A tiny pink rosebud, milk, cooked apple and some ointing "oil" I made myself)
I've dug a hole in the dirt, and placed the countent of the cauldren inside it, and I did the same to the offerings. The only thing I left for everyone to see was the rosebud.

☽◯☾ Lady Crove

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