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Freya, my Lady

Freya is the Goddess of love, sex, fertility, magick, pleasure, death and glory. She's simultaneously a spirit of fertility and death, beauty and war. Freya often manifests as a woman, although she owns a falcon feather cloak that enables her to fly like a falcon and shade-shift as she pleases.

She is the daughter of Njord and Herta, wich meand she's daughter of Earth and Sea. Freya is identified as a Witch. When she first arives in Asgard, the Aesir's Realm, she teaches them how to craft charms and potions. It is said that Freya introduced Woden to runes and Shamanism. Also it's said that Völgas and Valkyries were her priestesses.

She travels in a chariot, pulled by two large grey lynxes looking cats, named Bee-gold, wich means "honey" and Tree-gold, "amber". They are Freya's twin qualities of fecundity and ferocity. She rides a boar into battle, as does her brother Freyr.

Her sacred day is Fryday, her sacred day 13, the number of months in the lunar calendar, therefore, Friday, 13th, it's a good day to direct a ritual for her.

Her rites and traditions did encourage magickal pratice, mediumship, shamanism, and femane autority, with Freya as role model. She was beloved and worshipped in Europe, like in Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland, Germany, Holland and Anglo-saxon Britain, as far as I know.

And now the why is she my maiden, because everything has a reason:
Most other Norse Goddesses are identified as "wives", Freya is an independent single woman who answers to no one. (Tho, she was married but her husband mysteriously disappeared.)

☽◯☾ Lady Crove

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