sexta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2009

The incondicional love.

To like someone is pretty easy, to love is damn hard.
I've always felt that to love you need to see that other half as your everything. S/he has to be your lover but s/he has also to be your hater. Your bestfriend, worst enemy. Your mother, father, your brother and sister. Sometimes I think I'm the only one that think this way.

I can say that I love someone this way, incondicionaly, actually. Like, right now.

I'm in love with the God and the Goddess, they are my everything. I could make love with them, at least they know me and know who I truly am, I have to prove nothing to them, they love me no matter how shitty I am.

I'm never alone, I know they're with me, in the good and the bad times.
I know that they have much to teach me, much to show and help me grow up to be a good person.

Just been thinking and had to share...
Feeling blue right now...

☽◯☾ Lady Crove

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