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Self-dedication Ritual

This is the self-dedication ritual I used and that I've started with. It requires a few steps but I belive is suitable for everyone and feel free to adapt it to your needs.

Pick a night that you know that will be a full moon.

Preparation before the ritual:

First of all, you'll need a bowl:
- 1/4 tablespoon of honey.
- 4 tablespoon of salt
- 1/2 tablespoon of Lavander.
- 1/2 tablespoon of sage.
- 3 or 7 (Magick numbers) drops of favorite essencial oil, lavander would be perfect.

- Your ritual oil, if you have it, if not you can always try to use a massage oil with natural essence of lavander.


With your finger, mix all the ingridients above and fill the mixture with your body energy, or if you prefer, use yourself as a channel to moon energy. While you mix, start chanting the elements - Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Repeat a few times and release. Let the mixture rest for an hour, then:

Fill your bathtub with water and take your cleansing bath, if you have a shower, it's fine, because the important part of the bath is scrubing yourself with the mixture, purifying your body and mind.
Meditate a while if you wish but above all relax completly. You can even light a white and a purple candle to help you focus.


Starting the ritual:

Now, dress yourself for the cerimony, it must be something simple, comfortable or just go skyclad (better not do this if your doin' it outside your house.) For example, I did it inside the house at first, goin' skyclad and then, I dressed my robe, when I went outside.

Cleanse the ritual area with salt and water.
If your holding your ritual inside your house, you should sprinkle all the corners of the room.
If your doing it outside, cleanse the area you'll cast the circle.

Cast the circle, calling the elements to aid you and invoke the God and the Goddess, to join you and be your teachers and to witness your dedication to them.

(I won't be telling you what words you should of must say, because I belive everyone has different ways to call the corners and invoke both God and Goddess. You pick what suites you better.)


Tools you should have on your altar:
- Blidfold.
- Chalice.
- Athame.
- Sea salt.
- Incence holder with favorite incense.
- Candle or (firecamp, if outside).
- Cakes.
- Wine/juice/water
- Offering bowl
- Some music, if you wish to

Once you feel you're ready, relaxed and at peace with yourself and the enviroment around you, it is time for your to use the oil. Because you're doing it by yourself, you'll have to give yourself the fivefold kiss try oil.

Next, with the tip of your finger with a little bit of oil, oint the following points (by order) and say:
 - Feet: "Blessed be thy feet, that have brought thee in these ways."
- Knees: "Blessed be thy knees, that shall kneel at the sacred altar."
- Womb: "Blessed be thy womb, without which we would not be."
- Breasts: "Blessed be thy breasts, formed in beauty."
- Lips: "Blessed be thy lips, that shall utter the Sacred Names."

You're now, ready to begin.

First, consacrate your wine/juice or water and since you wish to bring prosperity and dedicate yourself to a higher power, I sujest you to do it tru the Great Rite.
The Great Rite symbolizes creation in the union of the Goddess with the God, and is also known as a fertility rite.
Drink from your chalice and then consacrate your cakes, using the athame. Offer wine and cakes, placing them in the bowl.
Introduce yourself to the God and the Goddess, you may want to introduce youself by your name in the craft, the name you picked. Note that you may wish, like I did, to use your God/dess names.

Here's an example:

"I am _____, your child, from now on and always.
I invoke your presence to witness my will to learn the old ways.
I am now one with you.
I am the lips that will speak your thruth.
Cernunnos, my father. Aradia, my mother.
By the sun and the rain,
I shall be reborn again."

Now, use the bindfold in yourself and lay on the ground, before the altar. (You may want to cover yourself with a blanket.)

This is the 1st task:
The goddess will call you by your magickal name. You're about to be borned, lay in fetal position. You're in the Goddess womb, the earth. Feel the energy of the earth around you, it is warm and you're protected.

Start to move, slowly. You're being born, spiritually.

"Cernunnos, my father. Aradia, my mother.
Embrace me now that I am your daughter.
Shall my feet and your walk now together."

Once you find youlself siting in front of the altar, take the blindfold.

You're now learning and dedicating yourself tru the elements.

Touch the salt, element of earth and say:
"By the Earth, I will learn to heal and grow prosper."

Burn the incence, element of Air:
"By the Air, I will learn to be creative and be filled with knowlegde."

Fill your chalice with water and drink it, it's the element of Water:
"By the water, I will learn by my intuition, divination will be my tool."

Light the candle, element of fire:
"By the fire, I will learn to love and be loved."

Place your hands upon your heart, the spirit:

"By your creed I must, in perfect love and perfect thrust, the Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfull "An it harm none, do what you will. So mote it be!"

Rise and with your arms held high, thank the God and the Goddess for acepting you and help you on your journey thu life. You may want to (re-)start your Book of Shadow by then.
Release the circle.


Hope this helped you in some way.

☽◯☾ Lady Crove

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  1. Sounds pretty amazing.^^ Though I am not Wiccan(I am just Pagan), I loved this ritual.