quarta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2009

Esbat - 5th August, 2009

ey everyone, today, as you could see, a beautiful Full Moon was showing in the sky so, what's the best time to do spells, very powerful ones? Yes. And why shouldn't I just take a moment and celebrate an Esbat, while I could manage to do some spells.

Since the house is quiet today it was a good idea but my parents were at home so I couldn't go skyclad, anyway...

I casted the circle and I used my finished and handmade wand.
I invoked the Lord and the Lady to join me, while I've lit the candles, aswell as the elementals, while I burned my incence.

Some spells would be worked tonight and I felt happy.

I started with a "self-healing/recovering daily life spell." and then a spell for "gettin' rid of negativity in my life".
Before I've finished my last spell, something really strange happened to me, I felt drained, high and soooooooooooo comfortable, I feel OK! I think I even smiled or so. I belive that this time my spell is about to work and I'll be fine once and for all.
I've thank the God and the Goddess for being with me, aswell as the elementals, like I said before and released the circle.

Well, This was my 5th August, Esbat, hope you enjoyed the beautifull full moon outside tonight and blessed be!

☽◯☾ Lady Crove

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  1. The Full Moon is beautiful! I did my Full Moon Water this night, as I traditionally do for every Full Moon. When you drink it you can feel her energy running through your body. Amazing experience. :)