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Yule - 21st / 22nd December

Well, since I'll decided to do some posts on sabbats, lets start with the upcoming one: Yule.

Yule is the pagan "christmas", even if it's older than the it's christian friend. It marks the death and rebirth of the Sun-God, - it also marks the vanquishing of the holly king, God of the waning Year, by the Oak king, God of the Waxing year. - The Goddess, is at her Death-In-Life aspect, it is time for her to give birth to the Child of Promise, the Son-lover, that will bring warmth to her Kingdom.

I like to cook for others so this is a good excuse for me to do it.
Since, the Goddess ir pregnant of the God and his birth will bring back the sun and longer days, I like to cook some spicy food and drink a good cup of warm wine with spices.
The sun reminds me of the heat and the energy, so what better than spices to make me feel full of evergy?

Well, let's start with the wine with spices, I like to buy a good red wine for this but therefore, you'll be altering it, so it's up to you if you feel like speanding some money on that bottle of wine.

You'll need:
1 cloth (don't expect to be using it after this tho)
1 Bottle of wine;
1 cup of water;
1 cup of your favorite sugar (or Honey)

(The spices are at your taste there is no specific mesure)
1 Stick of cinnamon
1 Table Spoon of Star Anisse
1 pinch of Nutmeg
1 pinch of Black Pepper

1 - choped red apple
1 - sliced Orange (or lemon)

First, I like to cook the spices alittle bit in a little pan, not to much, just until they start popin'.
I'm used in doin' this in a clay pot but a steel one should be fine, so let the wine and the water warmth for a little before adding the spices and when you add them, let them cook with the wine for about 10minutes, before adding the sugar (or honey). Mix this all up, until the sugar (or honey) is completly dissolved.
At this time, I like to add the fresh fruits but if you're not adding them, just skip this part.
Let it cool for a few minutes before serving.

This is served warm and be careful and remember that this is still a pretty strong alchoolic brew, because of the mixture of wine and sugar (this doesn't happen with honey, or at least, is not that strong) so don't drink until you drop, be responsable.

Chicken soup for Yule:
1 chicken breast
1 table spoon of garlic pure (or 3 cloves of mached garlic)
1 choped onion
1 shoped tomatoe
1 sliced carrot
2 chicken soup cubes
1 cup of rinsed rice
2 table spoons of olive oil
Fresh Coriander at taste

In a pot, warm your olive oil and add in the garlic pure (or cloves) and let them cook until they are golden brown, once it's ready, add the chicken and it fry for for a little.
It's time to add the onion, the tomatoe, the f
resh Coriander
and the chicken soup cubes and let it simmer until the mixture become a little thicker. Now add the carrot and the rice, covering all the above ingredients with boiling water, let it cook until all the ingridients are soft and juicy. Serve it still warm.

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