quinta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2009

Yule - 21st / 22nd December (Ritual)

My cauldron is placed in the middle of the altar and it's filled with acorns, pinecones and some pine needles, and since my cauldron is big enought I like to add in a with candle (in a candle holder, for security reasons). Since, it's almost impossible to get some Mistletoe and Holy around here, I'll have to use this ones. The stones I'll be using are: Sunstone, Amber, Carnelian and Garnet.
My altar will be dressed in red and green, so the Goddess candle will be green and the God candle, red. I'll probly use a with cloth for the altar itself.

Casting the Circle
Invocation of the God/dess;
Callin' of the Elements;
Cakes and Wine, consacrated;

Personally, I like to work within the circle, either if it's a clay statue of the God, or just a poem.
For this ocasion I find "growing" spells and wishes to be the best, we have the turning of the year and the sun is comming back, the nights are becoming shorter, so this is a good time to work magick if you're lookin' for a change, strenght, a job or a new life.
I like to lit my altar candles in silence and work at the candle light. I leave the candle on the cauldron to burn after midnight, inviting the God to join me and to remind myself that the sun is returning.

Release the circle.
Offerings are now placed at the offering bowl, both to the elements and the Gods.

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  1. What a wonderful blog and interesting blog. Thank you.

    I've just started my own blog. I live near the sacred oak groves of the Druids on Ynys Mon ( Anglesey ), Wales.