quarta-feira, 23 de junho de 2010


Well, since I need to write and I'm not sure what, I'll just babble a bit.

First off, I can't wait to be outside, listening to some music and dancing. I love to dance, even tho I don't feel good doin' it in front of other people... Doesn't matter, really. I just want to dance and laugh, because after that day many things will change.

I can't imagine myself goin' back to school and, you know, studying, homework and so on, I need to get out and get a daily ocupation and since I can't work, let's go back to school!

This recovery may take a while but I'll have take care of myself, because no one will and I can't suffer this way any longer. I'm such a silly girl... I could have been happy but I just let that all to waste... Hehe, life is a bitch but I still love her.

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